Mona - Russian Champion & Champion of RKF!
Let us introduce our young lady MONA (Millbrook Leos Anemone Wienerwald) – one more beautiful daughter from our A-litter (Cross x Nikki). Mona became NEW RUSSIAN CHAMPION & NEW CHAMPION OF RKF after last show weekend in St.Petersburg where at 4 big dog shows she collected 4xCAC&CC, 3xBEST FEMALE, 1xR.BF, 3xBOS and also got CCCC after winning her class at the Club Show! What a wonderful girl!!
Rayne - Champion of Luxembourg!
Our daughter RAYNE (Millbrook Leos Aster Princess Rovenia at Sulandi) took a part in 2 International Dog Shows in Luxembourg. Rayne won best female with CACL&CACIB on Saturday and became New Champion of Luxembourg! On Sunday Rayne won BOB under the judgement of Rafael Malo Alcrudo! Bravo Rayne and Lauren!
Bruno - BOB, BIG3 & new Champion of Belarus
Our son BRUNO (Millbrook Leos Adonis Flammea) visited NDS in Minsk (Belarus) where he won BOB and BIG-3! And we are happy to announce that Bruno got his new title - Champion of Belarus. Huge congratulations to the owners!
Our amazing daughter RAYNE (Millbrook Leos Aster Princess Rovenia at Sulandi) became Res.Best Female and won Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate at CRUFTS 2023 at her only 2 y.o.! Our huge congratulations and gratitude to Rayne's owners Lauren Whan and Diane Whan!
VIGGO - Best In Group-3!
At the NDS "Sensation" our VIGGO won Best Male with CAC, BOB and BIG-3! Judge – Natalia Nikolskaya.
Cross turned 9 y.o.
Happy Birthday dear! Just be healthy and live long happy years with us
Bruno won BEST IN SHOW!
Our son Bruno (Millbrook Leos Adonis Flammea) visited National Dog Show in Tver where he became Best Of Breed with CAC under the judgement of Inessa Rodina. Then Bruno won Best In Group and BEST IN SHOW! Our biggest congratulations and warm hugs to the owners!
Wonderful news from Netherlands!
What a fantastic weekend our beautiful daughter Rayne had! Rayne was shown at the most famous dog shows in the Netherlands.
25.11.2022 Rayne won Best Female and BOS with CAC&CACIB at the Fryslan Cup under the judgement of Arne Foss (Norway)
27.11.2022 there was the largest and oldest show in Netherlands - DUTCH WINNER SHOW. Judge - Marion Klok-'t Hart (Netherlands). And our amazing Rayne became BEST OF BREED & DUTCH WINNER-2022 also with CAC&CACIB! What a wonderful girl! We are so happy and so proud of our daughter Rayne! Our warmest hugs and congratulations to Rayne's owners Lauren & Diane Whan!
Naoma & Mona - new Russian Junior Champions and RKF Junior Champions
On Saturday our Mona (Millbrook Leos Anemone Wienerwald) visited 3 National Dog Shows and won 3xBest Junior, 3xBest Female and 3xBOB with 3xJCAC. Next day our Naoma (Millbrook Leos Andromeda Mountain Fire) was shown at two National Dog Shows where she also became 2xBJ, 2xBF & 2xBOB with 2xJCAC. Here she is on photo.
And we are glad to say that our girls Mona & Naoma became new RUSSIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONS & RKF JUNIOR CHAMPIONS!
Great Show weekend in St.Petersburg
Viggo won BEST JUNIOR at the Club Show in St.Petersburg under the judgement of Shamil Abrakimov and won nominations "Best Head of the show" and "Best Movements of the Show"!
Next day Viggo became BEST JUNIOR at the National Dog Show (+Specialty) under the judgement of Natalia Lychkovskaya. Viggo also was shortlisted in Best In Show Junior Ring.
And we are happy to announce that our VIGGO now is JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPION & RUSSIAN JUNIOR GRAND CHAMPION in his only 14 months old! Fantastic boy!
First show for our Naoma

We would like to introduce our beautiful Naoma (Millbrook Leos Andromeda Mountain Fire). Naoma's debut was at the National Dog Show in St.Petersburg this weekend. She won her first JCAC and became BEST JUNIOR of breed, BEST FEMALE and BOS.
VIGGO – Best Junior at the IDS in St.Petersburg
Our beloved VIGGO visited the International Dog Show in St.Petersburg this weekend where he became BEST JUNIOR OF BREED under the judgement of Dragan Pop-Lazic (Serbia)
Bruno – new Russian Junior Champion
Our son Bruno (Millbrook Leos Adonis Flammea) became a new Russian Junior Champion. Our congratulations to the owners!
Cross turned 8 y.o.
Our beloved Cross turned 8 years old today. Happy birthday our wonderful boy! Be healthy, have a lot of energy and live long happy life!
What a wonderful news we got from Northern Ireland! Our beloved daughter Rayne became TOP UK LEONBERGER PUPPY 2021. We are so happy and proud of this amazing girl. Our warmest congratulations and thanks to Rayne's owners Lauren and Diane Whan!
VIGGO – new Russian Junior Champion and RKF Junior Champion
Last weekend our VIGGO visited two International Dog Shows and National Dog Show in St.Petersburg. VIGGO won 3xBEST JUNIOR with 3JCAC and became new Russian Junior Champion and RKF Junior Champion at only 9 months old. We would like to thank to all respected judges – Igor Selimovic (Croatia), Tijana Konrad (Serbia) and Elena Kryukova (Russia).
Luna's debut in junior class
Luna visited two shows in Lithuania where she became BEST JUNIOR, BEST FEMALE and BOS. Luna also got 2xJCAC for Lithuanian Championship. BOB was Luna's half brother Fredy Baltic Leon's, son of our Cross after Winnie.
Wonderful news from Great Britain
And we got fantastic news from Great Britain again! Last weekend Lauren and team visited Leonberger Club of Great Britain Show (119 entries) and what the results! Our little princess Rayne became BEST PUPPY of the Show again!
And we also congratulate Lauren with Mila's BOB and Foden's BOS. Mila and Foden were born in Sulandi kennel after Aria, daughter of our beloved Bart and Nukva. And we are very happy for Lauren and Sulandi team.
VIGGO – 2xBOB PUPPY at IDS in St.Petersburg
Let us introduce a new member of our family. VIGGO was born in our kennel. He is son of our beloved Cross and Nikki and grandson of our fantastic Bart.
Lust weekend VIGGO visited his first shows and we are happy with his first results. VIGGO became BEST OF BREED PUPPY of both International Dog Shows with nice critiques from honorable judges Zlatko Jojkic (Serbia) and Oleg Vasiliev (Russia). VIGGO was also shortlisted in BIS Puppy ring.
Brooks – Runner Up BISS PUPPY at IDS
What a wonderful results! Our son Brooks won BEST PUPPY IN BREED and became Runner Up BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at the International Dog Show in St.Petersburg. We are so happy! Congrats to the owners!
News from Scotland
Rayne wisited two shows in Scotland where she became BOS PUPPY at May Show and BOB PUPPY at September Show. Congrats to the owners!
Rayne – BOB PUPPY at Birmingham National Ch Show
Rayne won BEST PUPPY at Birmingham National Ch Show ! Judge - Janis King.
Rayne – BOB PUPPY and reserve CC
Last weekend our beautiful daughter Rayne visited big show in England where she became BEST PUPPY and reserve CC bitch in comparison with adult females! Rayne got lifetime CRUFTS QUALIFICATION and she was selected in TOP-5 in BIS Puppy ring. We are so happy and proud of this wonderful girl!
Our beloved Rayne became BEST PUPPY at "Mid West Open Show"!
Luna – BIS PUPPY-3 in Latvia
Our princess Luna became BEST PUPPY and won BIS PUPPY–3 at her first show in Latvia!
Cross is father again
We got wonderful news! Our Cross became a father again. Mother is beautiful Avrora Vista is Galkina Gnezda.
Miss Rayne
One of our beautiful daughters after Cross and Nikki. Rayne lives in Sulandi kennel in Northern Ireland with her grandmother Nukva and aunt Mila.
Miss Luna
Our princess Luna lives in Riga(Latvia) in kennel Baltic Leon's in her elder sister, Cross's daughter after Whinnie.
Brooks – Best Baby at the Leonberger Club Show in Moscow!
Last weekend Brooks visited his first show. And we are happy to announce that Brooks became BEST Baby of the biggest Leonberger Club Show in Russia. Judge – A. Zhuk
Puppies at Millbrook Leos
We are happy to announce our long awaited litter here at Millbrook Leos. Cross and Nikki became proud parents to 8 puppies (4 boys & 4 girls) on February 14, 2021... the best Valentine's gift we could ask for...
Wonderful news from Sulandi kennel
We've got amazing news from North Ireland. Bart's daughter Aria (Sulandi A Dream Come True) gave birth to 3 girls and 1 boy. Proud dad is our favourite Conan (Lempileijonan Musta Barbaari). Mom and babies are doing well.
We are very happy and send our congratulations to Lauren and Diane.
Thanks to Svetlana Pisareva for this amazing photo of our beautiful Nikki.
Nikki is BOB at IDS in St.Petersburg and INTERCHAMPION!
After long vacation our Nikki came back to the ring with wonderful results. At IDS "Baltic Show" in St.Petersburg Nikki won Best Female from champion class with CAC&CACIB, became BEST OF BREED under the judgement of one of the most respected Russian judge around the World Revaz Khomasuridze and then she was also shortlisted in Group.
We are proud to announce that there is one more INTERCHAMPION in our family!
Cross is proud father again!
We are very happy to announce that Cross and Riia (Multi CH Kinglords Miss Drama) became a proud parents of 8 puppies: 1 boy and 7 girls were born in Kinglords kennel (Finland)!
Bart became grandfather again
News from kennel Quen Star Sagitta (Poland). Bart's daughter Raisa (Amicus Optimus Lavinia) gave birth to 13 puppies. Happy father - Sky (Lejonvinden's FLINKA FELIX).
Cross became a father again!
We've got great news from kennel Vanitza(Chech Republic). Our Cross and Chilli - Inter Ch., Multi Ch. PS I Love You Cookie Bory Cysterskie (Inter Ch., Multi Ch Nero aka "Muffin" x My Princess Yoko Bory Cysterskie)are proud parents of 10 wonderful puppies!
Nikki - Champion of Lithuania and Baltic Countries!
We decided to spend our last show weekend of 2020 in Lithuania. At 3 Int.Dog Shows in Vilnius Nikki won 3CAC, 2xR.Best Female with 2xR.CACIB, and under the judgement of Mstislav Polivanov Nikki became Best Female with CACIB and Best Of Breed! We are proud to announce that Nikki got two new titles - now she is Lithuanian and Baltic Champion
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! We wish you joy, hapiness, new victories and may all your dreams come true! See you in the New Year 2020!
Bart became a father again!
Quen Star Sagitta Russian BLACK Pearl
Life is going on. We got happy news from kennel Quen Star Sagitta (Poland). Our Bart and Leya (Medvebergi-Maszkos Mignon) became a parents of beautiful girl named Quen Star Sagitta RUSSIAN BLACK PEARL.
Nikki is Champion of Latvia!
Last weekend Nikki visited 3 Dog Shows in Riga where under the judgement of Denis Dudko(BLR), Ernestas Balsiukas (LT) and Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (De) she won 3xBOB with CAC and became BIS-4, BIS-3 и BIS-2!
Nikki - CW and BF-2 at the Club Show in St.Petersburg!
We visited Club Show in St.Petersburg. Nikki won her Champion class and became Reserve Best Female! Judge - Hans Almgren (Sweden).
Our wonderful Bart was shown in the Ring of Honour and got some nice presents fo his great show career from our Leonberger Club.
Here is Urcin iz Galkina Gnezda. He also was shown in the Ring of Honour. Just look how beautiful they are!
Nikki - BEST FEMALE, BOS и BIS3 at the Leonberger Speciality Show of Estonian Leonberger Club!
Next day we visited "Leonberger Speciality Show-2019" in Tallinn where Nikki became Best Female and Best In Show-3 in strong competition under the judgement of one of the most respected breed specialist Per Kristian Andersen (Norway). What the results! We are very happy and proud of our beautiful girl!
Nikki BOB and Tallinn Winner-2019!
We decided to enter Nikki to our favourite IDS in Estonia "TALLIN WINNER". There were 30 leonbergers from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Norway. Judge - Marion Campbell (Ireland). Nikki won Champion class and became Best Female and BOB with CACIB and new title «Tallinn Winner-2019». Finally Nikki was shortlisted in Grop.
Nikki BF and BOS at the IDS in St.Peterburg!
16.03.2019. - Int.Dog Show (CACIB-FCI) «Baltiyskiy Triumpf-2019». Judge - Jean Francois Vanaken (BE). Nikki won Best Female with CAC & CACIB and became BOS.
Nikki BOB, Finnish Champion and BEST IN GROUP at IDS in Joensuu!
02.03.2019. International Dog Show in Joensuu (Finland). Judge - Igoris Zizevskis(Lithuania). Nikki won Champion class, Best Female with SERT and CACIB and then Best of Breed from 24 leonbergers. And finally she became BEST IN GROUP! Fantastic results! Nikki now is Champion if Finland.
After shows we decided to visit our favourite Scandic Imatran Valtionhotelli in Imatra where we took a wonderful morning walk in Kruununpuisto and of cource to Imatrankoski.
Cross and Winnie's puppies were born!
5 males and 3 females. Mom and babies are doing well.
We have great news! Cross became a father again!
Puppies were born in kennel Splinter of the Sun. Boy and girl. All is going well.
Nikki is Estonian Champion and Runner Up BEST IN GROUP!
24.11.2018. Judge - Eva Liljekvist Borg (Sweden). Nikki won Best Female with CERT and Best Of Breed and got new title Estonian Champion! Later in main ring Nikki was Runner Up BEST IN GROUP!!! Also that day another Bart's child Pia Desiderata Frenki Wilde was very successful and won Best Male and BOS with CERT. Our biggest congratulations to the owners! We are very happy!
25.11.2018. Judge - Boguslaw Chmiel (Poland). Nikki won BOB again and also she was shortlisted in GROUP!
Cross is BEST OF BREED at the Club Show in St Petersburg, Champion of National Leonberger Club and Russian Grand Champion!
At the Speciality Show in St.Petersburg Pia Desiderata Dianthus Golden Cross won Champion class, Best Male and also became BEST OS BREED under the judgement of Elena Ruskovaara (Finland). Now Cross is Champion of National Leonberger Club and Russian Grand Champion!
Nikki - Runner Up BEST IN SHOW!
After long summer vacation our Nikki came back to the ring with wonderful results. At NDS in St.Petersburg Nikki won BEST OF BREED under the judgement of Hans Almgren who gave her amazing detailed description with comment that our girl is "...very beautiful representative of the breed...".
We also decided to wait main rings. And what a fantastic results! Nikki became BEST IN GROUP (judge - Antoan Hlebarov) and finally she achieved Runner Up BEST IN SHOW (judge - Hans Almgren)!
Bart - Champion of Denmark and Nordic Champion!
We have a tradition to travel to the Europe in June and take a part in the big Dog Show. This year we decided to go to Denmark to show Bart at the International Dog Show in Vejen. Cross and Nikki stayed at home.
And we are happy with results. Under the judgement of Andrzej Kazmierski Bart won Champion class, Best Male with CERT, CACIB and BEST OF BREED! So Bart became Danish Champion and Nordic Champion.
Main Rings were in the evening. GROUP II was judged by Stefan Sinko. Bart did great again and became Runner Up BEST IN GROUP!
Nikki - Russian Champion and RKF Champion
Nikki was entered to 2NDS in St.Petersburg. At the first Show she won Best Female, Best Of Breed with CAC and became BEST IN GROUP-3. Judge was Yuri Kravtsov (Belarus). And at the second Show she also won Best Of Breed with CAC under the judgement of Mikhail Sivakov (Russia). Group judge was Irina Podlozhnaya and Nikki became BEST IN GROUP at only 20 months old!
We are happy to announce that now Nikki is Russian Champion and RKF Champion